Beard has always been essential to men. Although it was disgraced for a certain period and being beardless was defined as civilization’s condition.

In the past decade, with the rising importance of social media, pictures of bushy men with beards have become the definition of masculinity and a pleasing look. Having a blank beard makes some men feel insecure. The participation of the Glam world in this trend of having beard transplantation contributed to the rise of this trend.


A Beard transplant operation is the transplantation of grafts taken from the donor area at the back of the head or lower part of the chin where the beard is dense to the areas on which beard loss is observed due to trauma, cut, or so on, through micro FUE method. The operation performed under local anesthesia lasts for about 8 hours and is painless after local anesthesia.

With a single application, the rate of successful results is high. Some people may need a second operation. Beard, an important appearance criterion for men in today’s world, is corrected by giving different models by barbers, but a definite treatment for the loose beard is beard transplantation.

One of the advantages of beard transplantation is that the beard’s shaping will be done at the planning stage of beard transplantation. A Beard shape suitable for the person’s face is selected together, and the beard is transplanted to the person within this plan and is used lifelong.


The person can have a bushy and natural-looking beard.

After the operation, the person can shave and shape his beard.

Beard transplantation planning is carried out according to the person’s face type to provide an aesthetic appearance.

The person is free to choose the type of beard he will have.

It is also possible to shape sidelocks with beard transplantation.


Avanza Hair Clinic promises realistic results to the patients. Patients are not misled about the number of grafts and the results of the beard transplantation. Before the beard transplant operation, surgery planning is done by the doctors

Although the procedure is an aesthetic operation and what you want is important, it would be a good choice to consider your doctor’s recommendations.

One of the most critical points in the planning step is the evaluation of the neck, head, face, forehead area of the patient and examining the hair follicles, and to explain all the possible results that the patient may encounter, no matter what, and to have a realistic expectation. Otherwise, individuals feel deceived and disappointed. To avoid this, it is always best to seek professional support from clinics that you believe you can trust.

In Avanza Hair Clinic, beard transplantation treatment with micro FUE method has been applied to different people from many countries worldwide, and successful results have been obtained. All stages of the operation are performed under doctor’s’ supervision who have many years of experience in their field, using the latest technology devices. People are informed in detail and with realistic approaches about the whole beard transplantation process.

transplanted during this period. However, as of the 3rd and 4th months, this transplanted hair will begin to grow again.

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