At Avanza we specialize in physiotherapy for pain relief, rehabilitation, neuro physiotherapy, sports injuries and more.

Pain Relief :-

  • – Hands-on treatments to joints and muscles can help reduce pain and allow the body to start to move freely.
  • – Physiotherapist at our clinic use several techniques on patients alongside other treatment approaches to help patients get better quicker.

Sports & Exercise:

  •  We ensure prevention of injury and rehabilitation of patients back to optimum levels of functional, professional and exercise fitness.
  • – Our Physiotherapists expertly assess, diagnose and help in injury recovery.

Post-Surgical :-

  •  Post-operative physiotherapy is very important for patient recovery.
  • – Our team of physiotherapists help in restoring strength, motility, full body movement and functionality.

Therapies we offer

Manual Therapy

Heat& Cold Therapy

Joint Mobilization Therapy

Interferential Therapy

Transcutaneous Electrical Therapy

Postural Re-education Therapy

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