Chemical Peeling :-

 During this procedure, Chemical solutions will be applied by the dermatologist to the area affected or entire face and neck which causes the skin to exfoliate and peel leaving the skin smooth and glowing.

– A full course of chemical peeling is used for treating wrinkles & fine lines, sun damage, acne scars, hyper pigmentation, scars, tanning, melasma, uneven skin tone.

Clinical Dermatology :-

Our Clinic offers treatment for all kinds of skin, hair and nails disorders. Enhance your appearance with healthy looking skin with us.

Laser Treatment :-

– We offer painless method of hair removal via laser treatment performed by experienced team of doctors. The duration and number of the sitting is customized for each person based on gender, hormone profile, hair growth and skin type.

Skin Lightening & Pigmentation :-

 We at Avanza offer specialized services that include highly effective ingredients and technologies that help clear pigmentation and give clearer and radiant complexion.

– We also give skin lightening treatment with glutathione therapy.

Acne & Scarring treatment :-

– We also diagnose and treat acne and prevent it from reaching the scarring stage.

– If scarring stage is achieved, we provide solutions for the reversal and further prevention of the same.

Tattoo Removal :-

– At Avanza we have advance laser technology that is quick, safe and accurate for tattoo removal.

– We use non-invasive removal of tattoo using Q switched laser technique.

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