Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is a minimal invasive surgery that should be performed with a multi-disciplinary surgical approach, examining the patient as a whole. It should not be simplified in any way, and all necessary research and planning should be done beforehand. The patient needs to find a team that is specialized in HAIRODYNAMIC transplantation, follows the developments in the world, has knowledge about hair loss and hair loss treatments, and can arrange not only surgical but also supportive treatments. In Avanza Hair Clinic, our consultants determine the hair loss types of patients and the areas that need treatment on the scalp, and plan the hair transplantation.

How to create a natural hairline with FUE Hair Transplantation Method?

  1. The surgeon performing the HAIRODYNAMIC procedure should remember that each patient is unique.
  2. Thus, he should carefully evaluate the patient’s hairline, age, head anatomy, ethnic origin, and how the patient wants to see himself, and design a natural and satisfactory hairline. If the area to be transplanted on the head of the patients is very large (the number of grafts is usually less in these patients), a more conservative, higher line should be determined in order to achieve a natural hair appearance and satisfactory density.
  3. If it is thought that a sufficient number of grafts can be taken from the donor area with the micro FUE technique and hair loss can be covered at the desired rate, a suitable hairline can be drawn lower side of the forehead. Before hair transplantation, a design suitable for the shape of the patient’s face should be made from the front side while drawing the hairline. White race, Asian type face, African type face lines are different and they can be flat, oval, curved.
  4. Under normal conditions, the hairline should start 6.5-7.5 cm above the eyebrows, and a hairline that starts in this range is drawn before hair transplantation in people with low hair loss. Although the hairline must look good from the front, it is absolutely necessary to evaluate how it looks from the patient’s eye with the help of a mirror and hair transplantation should be started with the patient’s approval.
  5. Chronic illness like dengue, covid-19.

Hairline Designing

It should be ensured that the hairline that will form after hair transplantation looks natural, by adjusting the side view of the hairline slightly upwards. If the age of the person to be transplanted is old, the temporal regions should be higher, and the side hair and front hair should be combined in the area where the separation is.

Another factor to consider while designing the hairline for hair transplantation is the muscle structure of the forehead, which can be easily detected by the patient raising the eyebrows. The evaluation of this muscle structure plays a vital role in creating a natural line by providing information with the previous hairline, the ideal planning is to start the line just above this muscle structure.

Another helpful factor while planning the hairline for the surgeon who will perform hair transplantation is the photographs of the patient before the hair loss. Planning for hair transplantation by evaluating all these variables is a skillful process. An experienced hair transplant surgeon puts this plan into practice by considering the regional hair aspects during the implantation phase.

Hair transplantation is an operation that requires the skill of not only the responsible surgeon, but the entire team. Although everything goes well, if grafts with multiple hair follicles are transplanted on the front line, unfortunately, it is not possible to achieve a natural appearance. For this reason, grafts containing a single hair follicle must be planted in the front line.

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Hair Loss has many causes including genetics, hormones, medications, and stress. Identifying the root causes is crucial for effective treatment. Consult at Avanza hair transplant clinic in Mumbai for solutions and regain your confidence.